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Capital Assets

Financial institutions are facing challenges due to a variety of factors, many of which the industry has never faced before. Issues such as the protracted credit crisis, a rapidly changing regulatory landscape, capital and liquidity constraints and the looming risk of an inevitable rise in interest rates, all of which have made balance sheet management more difficult, but — far more important than ever before.

The source of many problems, as well as the path to effective solutions, often lies in the loan portfolio.  This is due in part to the fact that the consolidated loan portfolio is typically the largest fixed income investment most institutions own.  Whether your loan portfolio is a contributor to these problems, or is a solution, often depends on how it is managed.  Today’s problems require that you look beyond simple delinquency data and weighted averages when evaluating loans, and instead examine the loan data at a deeper level.  Understanding your loans on a granular versus global scale can help identify the many ways you can utilize these diverse and complex assets to their fullest potential.  Managers must have the ability to extract information from the portfolio that: 

  • impacts the institution’s current and future investment risk,
  • helps them understand “layered” credit risk, and 
  • identifies the portfolio’s liquidity profile.

The Capital Assets team has worked exclusively with portfolio lenders for over twenty-five years and understands the unique issues associated with portfolio loans, that is — loans made to hold as investments, not originated for immediate sale in the secondary market.  Our team is comprised of Analysts, CPAs, MBAs, and a host of other specialists with real world experience in all facets of lending. We bring a depth of experience unmatched in the industry to all of the projects we undertake. Whether your needs are evaluating the economic performance of your loans, determining the credit risk within your CRE portfolio, or valuing an entire portfolio of multiple loan types in an FDIC assisted acquisition, Capital Assets Corporation has “been there and done that.”

Asset Strategies Group

  • Loan Portfolio Analytics
  • Earning Enhancement & Risk Reduction Strategies
  • FASB Valuations
  • Strategic Planning Support

Asset Management Group

  • Merger & Acquisition Analysis and Assistance
  • Balance Sheet Management Planning
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Operations Assistance, Training & Support
  • Asset Management Engagements

Loan Trading

  • Negotiated Agency Loan Sales & Securitizations
  • Private Market Whole Loan Sales
  • Balance Sheet Restructuring 


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