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As your partner in Investment Strategy, FTN Financial can help you analyze your portfolio.
  • Evaluate Portfolio Performance
  • Determine Investment Strategies
  • No charge for clients of Capital Markets
  • Sophisticated analytics available at any time
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Interacts with PASPort and other portfolio accounting services
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Fixed Income Commentary

Analysis and technology guide results.

We believe true value comes only by understanding how the market fundamentals of supply and demand affect whole sectors or sub-sectors within a portfolio. This guiding principle is how we have become one of the largest providers of financial analysis and reporting services, distributing information, opinions, and strategic commentary on a multitude of topics—practically by the minute.

We also distribute daily research on a multitude of topics and boast the talents of one of the nation’s most respected and recognized economists, Chris Low.

Commentary includes:

  • Agency outlook and analysis
  • Daily market reports
  • Weekly interest rate forecasts
  • Quarterly US economy reviews
  • GSE analysis
  • Weekly portfolio strategies 

Additionally, we continually invest in innovative technology to ensure our communication is responsive and rapid. That’s why we have developed tools like my.FTNFinancial.com, our private, customers-only website devoted to analytics, inventory, and economic and technical market commentary. Hundreds of institutional investors use our website to analyze their portfolio holdings.


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