myFTN — Online Analytics

FTN Financial offers a wide array of sophisticated reports, including detailed sector analysis and rate shock information. This is your portfolio's crystal ball. While we can't guarantee the market will move in your favor, we can help you understand how it will impact your portfolio when it moves at all.

Our portfolio analytics give you the ability to evaluate your overall portfolio instead of looking at each security in a vacuum. What happens if interest rates change? We provide you with the hands-on tools to look at your portfolio in future tense, helping you understand how to be prepared for reinvestment opportunities.

Reviewing your own portfolio, at a glance you will see a detailed bond list along with projected MBS or CMO prepayments. Upcoming maturities and likely calls as well as pricing on a portfolio and peer reporting can all be accessed.

With myFTN — our secure portfolio accounting system and customers-only web site — you're not blindly managing your portfolio, you have a full understanding of what it looks like. We help you uncover hidden risks and make better decisions for your institution.

myFTN also puts a wealth of sophisticated analytics and reports at your fingertips, as well as up-to-the-minute economic data, including:

  • Daily updates on all fixed income markets
  • Extensive online portfolio analytics and peer reporting
  • History of previous material for easy retrieval
  • Upcoming events — webinars and seminars
  • Monthly economic conference call (including archived recordings)
  • Detailed information about FTN Financial products that may interest you

PASPort — Portfolio Accounting & Reporting

For customers who need the next step beyond myFTN, we offer PASPort. FTN Financial is one of the largest providers of accounting services, with more than 900 institutional customers and more than 1,300 portfolios.

PASPort can save you time and money on staffing and data needs while providing you with complete accounting reports. The PASPort portfolio accounting system not only works seamlessly with our online analytics and asset/liability reporting systems, but it also gives you priceless real-time access to your portfolio.

To get your PASPort today, please contact your sales representative or call us at 800.456.5460.