Capital Assets Weekly Comments

Review of Portfolio Loan Rates

The headline from this Monday’s Mortgage News Daily reads: “MBS Day Ahead: For Bonds, It's Still ‘Duck and Cover.’“ The opening commentary laid out the headline concerns: “2018 has seen the most unpleasant start to a new year since 2009 as far as bond markets are concerned. The big sell-off in 2009 is easier to reconcile as a correction to an even sharper move to lower yields as the financial crisis officially hit Treasury yields. This time around, the selling is occurring in a much scarier way. Whereas 2009 marked a correction to a longer-term downtrend, 2018 is more of an acceleration of a preexisting uptrend.” Duck and cover may be good advice for traders, but if you are in secondary marketing, you need to STAY ACTIVE.

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